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The best marketing technique and how to implement it

Storytelling: We love stories. Humans have told stories forever.

Psychologist Jerome Bruner found we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story. Stanford’s Graduate School of Business found that when people listened to pitches, either containing facts and figures or a story, only 5% recalled a statistic, but a whopping 63% remembered the stories.

Storytelling is the best marketing technique. It works to humanise your brand, to make the viewer feel something and inspire them to take action.

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Define your core message

There has to be a point to the story – so people know why they should care and continue to follow you.

2.  Decide what kind of story you’re gonna tell

·      One version of storytelling is to incite action.

If you tell a story that inspires and motivates people, you can get them to take action.

·      Another way of storytelling is to tell people about yourself

You can have a story about yourself, ups and downs you went through, it could be motivational. When people get to know you, they relate more, they’re more likely to follow you. 

·      Conveying value is another way of telling a story

If other people believe in the same values as you do, they’re more likely to relate with you and follow you as well.

·      Educate and pass knowledge on.

When you educate and you’re passing knowledge on through a story, people are much more likely to be engaged, hooked, and learn that knowledge and be able to execute on it in the future.

3.  Establish your call to action.

If you get people hooked with your story but then don’t tell them what to do you will not see any conversions. You need to tell them to do things like check out your company, follow you on the social web, join your email list, whatever it may be. It doesn’t have to be a major commitment, it doesn’t have to be where they have to buy something right away, it could just be as simple as joining your list so that way you can tell them more build more of a rapport with them, build more of a relationship, and then eventually convert them into a customer.

Three quick bonus tips

When a good story includes these three main things, it does much better.

1.   You need to have characters.

This allows people to see themselves in the story and be part of it. Always have characters, and make them relatable.

2.   You need a conflict.

Without the conflict, there’s not going to be that hook that gets people in there waiting to figure out what’s happening next.

3.   You need resolution.

You got the conflict, you need the resolution to go with it.

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