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8 Steps To Get Better Clients For Your Coaching Business – Checklist

1. Be clear about who your ideal client is

Defining your ideal client or target audience is fundamental in crafting effective communication and marketing strategies. 

When you’re clear about who you’re speaking to, what their specific challenges and aspirations are, and what you help them achieve, it becomes easier to tailor your messages in a way that resonates deeply with them.

Only when you truly understand them you can speak directly to their pain points, aspirations, and values, using language that they can relate to, and highlight the benefits they’ll gain from choosing your offerings.

This clarity not only attracts more interest in your coaching but also builds credibility and trust faster, positions you as an expert in that field, and sets you apart from competitors who may offer generic solutions.


2. Know The Result You Help Your Prospect Achieve

Identifying the specific result or outcome you can help your clients achieve creates a much more powerful message than just using broad terms like “life coach” or “business coach”.

What does your ideal client actually want? What is it you can help them achieve?

Whether it is mastering a particular skill, achieving a specific result, or experiencing a certain emotion, having a more specific focus allows you to speak directly to your ideal client and get their attention.

For instance, do you specialize in helping entrepreneurs increase their sales by 30% within six months? Or maybe you guide women in finding work-life balance, allowing them to feel more fulfilled and less stressed? These specifics give your potential clients a clear picture of what they can expect from working with you.

Craft your advertising to highlight this result or feeling consistently. Make it the focal point of your messaging so that potential clients understand precisely what transformation or outcome they can anticipate by working with you.


3. Talk about Their Problem Before Your Solution

One common reason coaches struggle to attract clients because their ads and websites focus too much on themselves. Shift the focus to the prospect’s problems for better engagement.

Start by identifying and empathizing with the problems your target audience is facing. Clearly articulate these issues, demonstrating that you understand their struggles. This approach creates a connection and builds trust because it shows that you’re tuned in to their needs.

You’ll create a more engaging and compelling narrative, which increases the likelihood that potential clients will connect with your message, recognize the value you offer, and ultimately choose you as their coach.

4. Target Your Promotions With Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google offer immense potential reach your ideal clients.

Unfortunately, many coaches miss out on this opportunity because they don’t use targeting.

Now that you know exactly who your target audience is you can utilize these platforms’ targeting features to show your posts and promos specifically to them.

5. Use Your Current Database

Leverage your database of prospects’ contact information to make some money this week.

Give them a call, remind them of your past conversation, inquire about their progress, and extend a helping hand if needed.

You could say something like “Hello, this is [Your Name]. We spoke some time ago about your interest in achieving [specific goal]. I wanted to check in and see how things have been progressing for you since our conversation. Have you found solutions that have been effective for you?”

If they express difficulties or are still seeking solutions: “I appreciate you sharing that. I’m genuinely interested in helping. Understanding your challenges better might allow me to offer some guidance or resources that could be beneficial, even if we don’t end up working together directly. Would you mind sharing what you’ve been struggling with lately?”

Based on their response: “If it’s something within my expertise, I’d be happy to share some insights or resources that might assist you in tackling this. No strings attached. How about I send you some helpful articles or tips on this topic? If it’s something you’d like to discuss further, we can schedule a time to explore how I could potentially assist you.”

Remember, the goal here is to genuinely assist and add value, regardless of an immediate sale. Building trust and credibility might lead to future opportunities or referrals, even if they don’t convert right away.

6. Create Educational Content That Gives Your Prospect 'Results in Advance’

Stand out from the competition by giving your readers helpful content like articles, videos, blogs, and even free seminars. These resources will teach them more about their problems and ways to fix them.

When they read or watch your advice, they’ll get to know you as a the expert in your field and trust you more.

Keep it simple and easy to understand since your readers aren’t experts like you.
Make your content fun, show your personality, and use words and phrases they normally use when talking about their problems. This will make them feel a connection with you and get them more interested.

7. At the end of your educational content, offer the prospect MORE help.

This gives them the opportunity to dive deeper into collaboration with you. It might be download, an invite to a workshop, a seminar, or even a one-on-one discovery session. 

Ensure you’re extending an offering, as many readers are eager to tackle their most significant challenges and have likely been on the lookout for someone with your expertise!

8. How to Handle The Sales Consultation (Big Mistakes to Avoid)

Most of your sales — around 80% – should happen during your discovery call with potential clients.

But some coaches miss out by not making a clear offer during these talks. Instead of hoping clients will ask about paying, take charge! They need someone to guide them, that’s why they came to you.

Don’t fall into the trap of asking clients what they think they need. You’re the expert, so you should figure out what’s best for them. Recommend what you truly believe will help them based on your expertise. This builds trust and makes it more likely they’ll become paying clients, so now you can really make a difference for them.

How to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients Without Being 'Pushy'

Many coaches are reluctant to offer their services because they don’t want to seem too pushy. But it’s important to change this mindset, both for your benefit and for the people you could help. You have an amazing service that can change lives, but if you let your fear of being rejected stop people from joining, it won’t make a difference.

Lots of new coaches feel this way. The key is to change your mindset quickly and truly believe in the value you provide. Once you do, you’ll be able to confidently share your work with the world, ensuring that your services reach those who need them.

Done correctly, these 8 steps will help you get more prospects in the next 4 weeks than you may have got in the last 4 months.

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