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9 tips on how to write the perfect welcome email


In this video by Thrive Themes you’ll learn how to write the perfect welcome email for your new subscribers.

The video is 10 mins long, if you don’t have the time or inclination to watch it here is a quick recap with 9 tips on how to write the perfect welcome email:



1 – is delivered promptly

  • Right after the new subscriber signed up

2 – has an engaging subject line

  • Enticing for your audience
  • Could be: Curiosity peaking, Personal and informational

3 – is personalised

  • Address subscribers by their first name
  • Can increase open rates by 18 – 26%

4 – sets expectations

  • Let new subscribers know what to expect from you
  • What you’ll be sending them
  • How often they can expect to hear from you

5 – reinforces the benefits of being a subscriber

  • Mention the benefits fo being on your list
  • Exclusive ‘subscriber-only’ content
  • First to know about special offers

6 – introduces you to your audience

  • How you got where you are, etc
  • Build a feeling of trust

7 – delivers incentives as promised

  • Make sure your autoresponder is working
  • Test the link to your lead magnet

8 – has a call-to-action

  • New subscribers are super eager and enthusiastic
  • Great opportunity to provide more content and value
  • Drive traffic to a popular post, list of resources, etc.
  • Train your subscribers to click on links

9 – gets delivered to the primary mail tab not the promotions tab

  • Tell people to whitelist your email address
  • Structure the email as if you are sending them to a good friend, so:
  • Use plain text
  • No fancy templates
  • Not too many images
  • Words to avoid: Free, Winner, Million

If you want to know more in detail watch the video


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