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Funnel vs website – what is better for my coaching business?

“Websites are dead.” “You don’t need a website for your coaching business – you need a funnel.” This is what I’ve been hearing quite a bit in various coaching communities. However, I had the feeling that people were missing some really important points.

I asked top funnel expert Mike Killen to clarify once and for all what the difference between a funnel and a website is. 


4 Steps to Good Content Creation

This cheat sheet is designed to help you write engaging copy for your online content. You should use it as the starting point for all content you write in your online marketing.


6 Ways Your Website Can Build Trust

Do you feel like your website is not really working for you? Are visitors abandoning quickly? Are you not getting the leads and conversions you want?


Content Creation Framework

We know how important regular content creation is for your website success, and how difficult it often seems to come up with new quality content. If you’re ever stuck and you don’t know where to start, here is a simple outline that will help a big deal.

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