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Copywriting hacks from the best

#1: Headlines

Needless to say that writing good headlines is crucial to get interest and attention and clients.

I just listened to a brilliant interview with Justin Blackman and Marisa Corcoran on The Copy Chat and thought I’d share it here – too good not to. 

And then when looking for the resources Justin mentioned in the interview I found more gold. 

Check out this article below and see Justin live in action using some really cool tools too.

100 headlines in 100 days

These are the 16 painful lessons I learned writing 10,211 headlines in 100 days – by Justin Blackman 

There is so much in this article I have to send you straight over there rather than trying to give you the gist. If you want to learn some tricks on how to write better headlines easier, you’ll love it. 

But I’m gonna tell you one thing Justin said:

The WHO mattered more than the WHAT. 

Do you know your ideal client? do you know who you want to be talking to exactly? 

Headline formulas

Here are some formulas that are helpful when creating strong headlines. 

At the end I show you how to use them – try it and have some fun!


“Four U” formula. 

  • USEFUL to the reader
  • Create a sense of URGENCY
  • Present a UNIQUE benefit
  • Communicate these in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way

Additional tips

  • Highlight the benefit(s) to the audience
  • Arouse curiosity; ask a question
  • Ask an intriguing question
  • Begin with how to
  • Call out to a specific target audience
  • Evoke emotions
  • Frame ideas as special or exclusive
  • Numbers command attention and authority
  • Provide a forceful and persuasive promise
  • Say something counter intuitive or controversial
  • Use startling specifics


A – Get Attention
I – Arouse Interest
D – Stimulate Desire
A – Ask For Action

Robert Collier Formula


Victor Schwab – AAPPA Formula
A – Get Attention
A – Show People An Advantage
P – Prove It P – Persuade People To Grasp This Advantage
A – Ask For Action

Bob Bly Formula

1. Gains attention
2. Focuses on the customer
3. Stresses benefits
4. Differentiates you from the competition
5. Proves its case
6. Established credibility
7. Builds value
8. Closes with a call to action

Bob Stone formula

1. Promise a benefit in your headline or first paragraph…
Use your most important benefit.
2. Immediately enlarge upon your most important benefit.
3. Tell the reader specifically what he is going to get.
4. Back up your statements with proof and testimonials.
5. Tell the reader what he might lose if he doesn’t act.
6. Rephrase your prominent benefits in your closing offer.
7. Incite Action – NOW!!

Orville Reed Formula

Tell your reader from very beginning how your product or service will benefit them.
Back up your statements of benefits with believable evidence.
Write with enthusiasm, keep your copy moving.
Keep the prospect interested.
Transfer your enthusiasm for the benefit to the prospect.

Ready to give it a go? Try it! It’s fun and it works in 30 seconds or less!

Preparation – Step 1: Answer these 6 questions:

1. Describe your audience in 5 words or less.

2. Describe the BIG BENEFIT they’ll receive from working with you.

3. Use a specific number to describe the time frame. How long does it take for your customer to see a result from your product or service?

4. Describe one big objection that your prospect has. (Example: I can’t afford a coach.)

5. Describe your prospect’s needs in order to be successful. (Example: Having a coach will help you stop procrastinate.)

6. Describe a common mistake your prospects typically makes. (Example: Overthinking and not taking action.)

Step 2:  turn your answers into direct response marketing:

Now that you’ve already answered all the questions you can easily fill in the blanks.


HEADLINE #1: How To [Accomplish Something] In [Short Amount of Time]

Grab a benefit from question 2, the time frame from question 3, and you’re done.

for example: How To Write Your Own Winning Sales Copy In 48 Hours Or Less…

Let’s try another one…


HEADLINE #2: How To [Receive Benefit] Without [Undesired Expenditure]

Use the benefit from question 2 and an objection from question 4.

HEADLINE #3: How To [Accomplish Something] Even If [You’re Missing An Obvious Necessity]

Use your answer from question 2 and question 5. 


HEADLINE #4: The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding [Common Mistake or Misfortune] 
Use your answer from question 6.

It takes a little bit of practice but you can see how it works, right? You can generate a headline in no time at all. You can use the same techniques to break down ANY headline. Grab the best headlines you see around, analyse them and create your own Swipe file.

Have fun! 

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