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Your email signature best practices checklist

Your email signature has much more power than you might think!

It’s important to consider what message your email signature is sending and how you can optimize it to reach your business goals. 

Read this great guide by Amy from Mailerlite to find out the best practices for best results.

tldr? Here is the checklist: 

Your guide to email signature best practices for 2022

Size: Keep an eye on the dimensions and weight of your email signature. Less than 100kb and between 150px-200px height, 300px-600px width

Fonts and colors: Be consistent with your brand guidelines and keep things simple

Photos: Use clean, high-quality headshots and don’t forget to smile! Stick to 50px-100px in size

Company logo: Use a high-quality logo with a width of 150px-300px. Place it alongside your other company information

Social media links: Use icons instead of text links and stick to relevant platforms that you are active on. These work well at the bottom of your footer

CTA: Use CTAs in line with your brand to reach goals or drive subscribers to other channels

Website link: Make it easy to identify 

Dividers: Separate information into groups to make it more digestible

Whitespace: Use enough whitespace to make your email signature clean, professional and easy to read

Design hierarchy: Make sure primary information is prominent, and present elements so as to guide readers through with purpose

Mobile-friendly: Think about size, positioning and whitespace of clickable elements

Track success: Make links trackable to analyze and make informed decisions about your campaigns

Use different signatures where appropriate: What works for one kind of client, might not work for another. 


credit: Amy Elliott at Mailerlite

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