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Your website is launched … now what?

6 steps to get traffic to your new website

As you know, having a beautiful website is just the beginning … Here are some suggestions to get the word out and get you visitors that can convert into clients:

1. Email everyone you have an email address for. Even friends and family can be helpful for spreading the word.
2. Social Media: make announcements on all social media properties. Some (like Twitter) will need multiple announcements at different times of the day.
3. Post on message boards and forums. If you can get one of your clients to post for you, even better.
4. Include an announcement in email signatures and voicemail messages. Even the bottom of Invoices/Proposals/Contracts can be a good place to include a blurb about the new site.
5. Submit a press release to a PR website (like or
6. Ask any current clients to help you spread the word. Offer a discount for referrals or a contest for more referrals with a big prize.

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