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SEO Services

The work provided can be split into two options. Below you will find these options and what is included

Full SEO Audit

A Full SEO Audit will be carried out on your website and the report will be provided including the following: 

  • • Technical Audit
  • • On-Site Audit
  • • Landing Page SEO Audit
  • • Image Optimisations
  • • Backlinks
  • • Rank Tracking based on 5 supplied keywords
  • • Competitor Analysis
  • • Website Audit & Suggestions
  • • Google Analytics feedback
  • • Google My Business feedback

SEO Analysis and Reporting

Following a detailed audit report on the site – any items flagged to be fixed, outlining the following: –

Technical Audit – checking for any broken links, images, pages, etc.

On-Site Audit – checking for issues with Meta Descriptions, Titles, Alt Text on images, etc.

Landing Page SEO audit – what improvements can be made to landing pages which will move your site up the rankings

Image Optimisation – making sure that all images are optimized correctly, file name is correct for image and alt text included

Google Analytics

This will be checked to make sure that Google Analytics is set up correctly and tracking on the site.

Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools

It is important to make sure that you are using the Search Engines correctly and that your site URL has been properly registered and verified

• Registering the Site with the various Search Engines

• Submitting the sitemap to the Search Engines

Checking of any Errors

• Identify the Search Terms that are being used in Search Engines to visit the site

Website Audit & Suggestions

• Provide an Audit of the site which will include recommendations

Work with the website provider or website owner to implement any changes or amends

• Use Google Analytics to help and understanding

E-Commerce Sites

  • • Check e-commerce Site is tracking correctly through Google Analytics; all online sales can be tracked and allow you to understand the Customer Journey and set Goals
  • • Check e-commerce site is connected to Email Software (if being used); this will create mailing lists and add purchase history allowing you to create specific segments


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager will be added to the site and this will help to add Event Tracking to the site and can be used to add other code if required such as Facebook Pixel or Google Ads tracking

Check Event Tracking is in place for all elements on the site: External Links, Phone, Email, Downloads, etc.

• Include the reporting in the Google Data Studio Dashboard

SEO Ranking

This will be broken down into two areas: –

  • • Checking all Images are displaying key search terms to be picked up by Search
  • • Understanding the Search Terms/Keywords that the Client wants their site to be found by. Use of Keyword Research will be taken place

Regular Rank Tracking to make sure that rankings are improving and maintaining

Google My Business

Check that Google My Business is set up correctly and showing the correct information

• Verify the ownership of Google My Business

• Provided guidance as to how to best use Google My Business

Google Analytics

Various elements will be set up for you to track KPIs

Setting up a Google Data Studio Dashboard to show key elements

Set alerts and goals for KPIs to show that any amends are taking effect

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